What is BEMER?

BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) is a biophysical signal that activates the body’s own process of self-healing. With leading-edge technology and research, BEMER has been found to effectively stimulate restricted or defective microcirulation. The effects on the human body are tremendous, as it aids in prevention, healing, recovery and regenerative processes. Other benefits include:

  • Improved oxygen supply and waste disposal for organs and tissue
  • Support for healing of wounds and sport injuries
  • Support for the immune system
  • Enhances concentration and mental acuity
  • Better resistance to free radicals
  • Increase general blood flow
  • Increased nutrient and oxygen supply
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep management
  • Enhanced physical fitness
  • Shorter regeneration times in sport training
  • And more...

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The video below shows the sluggish microcirculation before a BEMER session.  Over time too much stress, too little sleep, an unbalanced diet, unhealthy living habits, disease, and of course aging slow down the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels. This affects the vast majority of people. As a result, blood cells move much too slowly and can no longer adequately fulfill their tasks. Deficient supply to tissues and organs over the long term leads to a decline in physical and mental fitness, pain, disorders and disease.

This video shows the microcirculation after an 8 minute BEMER session.  The blood and cells are moving much more freely and can now provide the much needed oxygen and nutrients to the body.