I have been receiving BEMER sessions for about 6 weeks, twice daily, five days per week. They have helped me in several ways. There has been a definite improvement in the discomfort in my low back. It has also helped with extensive post-nasal drainage which lead to coughing and hoarseness. This cleared after one BEMER session. My mood has improved. I feel more relaxed and better able to go with the flow in life. I have also suffered from significant discomfort in my neck and was unable to look right, left, up, or down which impacted daily activities including driving. The discomfort has lessened and I have improved range of motion. I have been able to start working out again at the gym and work on strengthening my neck. My digestion has become more efficient and I recovered more quickly than usual from a recent fall.

Dr. Christina Gilman



Hi my name is Eric. Before I found BEMER I was miserable. I was sad, anxious, depressed, and scared. I had a lot of self- doubt about myself and lacked confidence. I was never truly happy always wearing a fake smile. I had difficulties concentrating, got frustrated easily, and had a hard time controlling my anger.

I have been using BEMER for a little over a week but felt a difference after just one session.

Since my BEMER sessions I am much happier, calmer, have more energy, and feel less scared. I am not as afraid of other people and do not feel that people are out to get me. I am better able to focus and concentrate. I have better eye contact and have been more affectionate towards my family. I have more control over my anger and feel less agitated. My grandma says that I do things without her having to tell me to do them and without her needing to remind me. I get ready faster in the morning and have been picking up after myself.  My days seem to go much smoother because I am better able to handle daily stressors. I have much better self- esteem and confidence. My parents have been very impressed with my results.

Eric Atha



Hi my name is Kim. Before BEMER I had a lot of significant discomfort (pain) and stiffness in my hip joint. I have fallen a couple times and hurt my knee. I also have significant swelling and fluid retention (lymphedema) in my legs. I had a lot of difficulties getting around and have been using a cane. I have difficulties getting up and down from chairs. These have significantly affected my quality of life. I have tried several different types of therapies and by far BEMER has helped the most.

I have been receiving BEMER sessions for about a month now and have seen great results. I have noticed less discomfort and stiffness in my hip. My energy level has increased. I’m able to move around a lot better and have better flexibility during my chair yoga class. The swelling and fluid retention in my legs has decreased and at times I am able to walk without my cane. I am now able to get in out of a chair without assistance from someone else or my cane. BEMER has significantly improved my quality of life.

Kim Atha