Bemer Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

  • Increases concentration and focus
  • Helps calm and soothe
  • Improves sleep paterns
  • Better digestion
  • Improves social interactions
  • Enhances ability to self regulate
  • Improves mood and disposition
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

What is Bemer?

Bemer -Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulator is a mat that can be placed in any chair or bed,  The mat is attached to a small computer that transmits a frequency into the body through six copper coils.  The frequency is low and gentle, and less than the natural frequency resonating from the earth.

One session lasts only 8 minutes.  The effect the body had from the session lasts 12-16 hours.  Bemer is simple to use and designed to be used in your home, twice a day.


FDA Approved Medical Device

Scientifically Proven Results

Used In Over 40 Countries

So How Does Bemer Work?

Bemer is like a battery charger for our cells  It has a complex and broad band spectrum signal with many frequencies and a low direct current intensity that is able to enter and resonate with many cells of the body.  Microcirculation is the most important parameter in our physiology because the tiny capillaries transport the blood, which delivers oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and neurotransmitters to nourish the cells.  Toxins, waste, and harmful CO2 are removed.  When your circulation is impaired, your body doesn't function optimally, which is when we see dysfunctions in the body which present as symptoms or characteristics.  Bemer helps the body heal itself and improve underlying deficits to improve overall health.

How Can Bemer Help My Child

Research shows that children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders have dysfunctions in their mitochondria, the energy factory of cells. They can also have a large amount of oxidative stress, gut inflammation, brain inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, and decreased blood flow to parts of the brain. All these factors lead to “total load” theory. The body becomes overwhelmed with all these factors. If the body is not receiving enough oxygen, nutrients are not being delivered, and adequate blood flow is not reaching the organs that desperately need it, such as the brain.


"Bottom line, if brain cells are not producing enough energy, and there is too much oxidative stress, then neurons don’t fire, connections aren’t made and the lights don’t go on for these children.“ ~ Mark Hyman, MD


I am thrilled with the results my grandson has experienced with BEMER. He is much calmer and happier. He has better eye contact, body posture, self-esteem, and confidence. He is following directions without needing reminders or without my nagging. He is more talkative, motivated, and affectionate toward family members. In fact, he hugged his dad for the first time in years. He has also been initiating interactions with unfamiliar kids his age which normally terrifies him. ~ Yvonne A.

We have seen amazing results with our son. His meltdowns are less frequent and take less time to recover. He has made huge gains socially. He now has friends and can better handle peer conflicts. He handles transitions with less protest. He is more attentive to conversations and talks more. He is much more in control of his emotions and has not had any serious behavioral difficulties at school. He is a 5th grader and it’s his first successful school year! As parents our anxiety and stress level has significantly decreased as we rarely get a phone call about negative behaviors at school. We have our lives back as well. ~ Tara T.

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