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We are a veteran owned company. We strive to help other veterans in need.  Are you suffering from PTSD or any other service related trauma?  We can help!

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Bemer Therapy

Bemer (Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulation) is a biophysical application that activates the body's own powers of self-healing,

Bemer devices work with the help of electromagnetically transferred stimulation signals that facilitate the movement of blood through blood vessels.



Your Benifits

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Better concentration
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced physical fitness & endurance
  • Better quality of life!



Meet Captain Jack Edson and hear his Bemer story:

Hello everyone, Captain Jack Edson Adams here. I'm a Veteran of the Vietnam War who served "with distinction”, yet later in life as a civilian, was served with a life threatening disease, Prostate Cancer. Little did I know or realize that what I now suffer from as do many of my fellow Veterans, was caused by the agent orange I was exposed to during the war. Unfortunately, the VA (knowing this to be an issue with Vietnam Vets) never reached out to warn me of the possibility. So now at 75, I not only struggle with Prostate Cancer, PTSD and several other health issues (perhaps) related as well to the war, I'm on a mission to get healthier and help as many of my fellow Vets along the way. So I was thrilled and extremely interested when I introduced to BEMER by Michael Love Wheaton one day at Starbucks. Michael thought it was amazing that I already knew so much about energy, healing and even quoted Nikola Tesla: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” He was amazed and actually said felt that I was teaching him!
So on my quest to get healthy, my wife Carol Waters and I bought our BEMER. And after having enlisted it into our daily health regimen for about 2 months, I had three upcoming Doctors appointments. And needless to say, my improving health took all three Doctors by surprise. My Doctors were to soon find out my secret weapon to combatting and improving my health issues.
• The first visit was with my back and spine Doctor who gives me epidermal shots for my lower back discomfort. He had given me a shot a month earlier and was surprised and pleased to see on this visit to his amazement, the discomfort was completely gone and elected not to give me my regular shot for the month.
• The second visit was to my Family Doctor for a quarterly check up. As the Doctor was looking at the chart on his computer he said: “Your PSA is so low it doesn’t even register! Your feces are cleaned of blood, so no cancer there! Your heart beat and pulse is good! Your lungs and breathing are good! And then he turned to me in amazement and said, "What have you been doing?”
• The third visit was to see my eye Doctor who is treating me for An eye degeneration issue and gives me a hypodermic shot in my left eye every month. First my vision was tested and my eye was numbed to prepare for the shot. Upon evaluating my vision tests the Doctor said with amazement, “Your vision is better than last month. Let’s put off the shot this month.”
Needless to say, all three doctors were introduced to the 'AMAZING' BEMER. What’s more, a nurse said to me as I was leaving one of the Doctors offices..."And you are walking testimony to BEMER!"


Capt Jack

Meet Greg Long and hear his amazing Bemer story!

Hello all, this post is to let my friends know a little bit about me and my heart for BEMER and what our Father in heaven has put on my heart to do with this Amazing Life change technology. Bare with me as this is going to a relatively long post as I feel that I must share:
Short Testimony (well maybe not short) of just how the BEMER has changed my life,
I am a three time Purple Heart recipient and have been awarded the Bronze Star, I spent fourteen years in the Air Force as a Para-Rescue men Special Forces.
After enduring multiple injuries while in combat I was separated from the military medically, suffering from a laundry list of mental and physical issues that left me (according to the government 100 percent and permanently disabled). My Body and Mind was so wracked with issues that I was basically a "shut in Veteran". I could not walk without the use of a walker, I had no feeling in my arms, hands, legs and feet. extreme back issues, blood sugar issues. Debilitating mental acuity issues as well as blood pressure issues just to name a few.
Taking 16+ different medications 3 times a day, (my body was extremely toxic).
At the end of myself as well as at the end of what the Veterans Administration could do I began to search for something, well in truth ANYTHING that could help. I was introduced to BEMER by a Wonderful lady Dr. Jamie Bunis, my first thought was "What kind of hippy dippy mumbo jumbo device is this?" I got on it purely out of faith and desperation, and I noticed absolutely NOTHING. (The key word being NOTICED). I got on the BEMER once, twice maybe three times a week for five months before I NOTICED any thing. Well one day during that fifth month I went home from a session and kicked back in my recliner and my wife Meredith came by and playfully ran her finger up the bottom of my foot. (I nearly jumped out of my skin, "I FELT IT"!) So now BEMER has my complete an undivided attention. The hard headed stubborn military person that I am or (Daft for short) I didn't put two and two together that my blood work numbers had been getting better and better all during that five month time and my VA Doctors had been reducing my medication the whole time. Things had been happening so gradually that I simply just didn't notice the changes.
To make a long story short I now suffer from none of the above issues. In less than a year my Doctors have taken me off of all but three of the sixteen medication and I only take them once a day. I have all my mobility back. This is not just my testimony it is BEMER's Testimony and the Living beating Heart of what BEMER is all about!
My Dream and goal and what I have been working diligently since June has been to get the BEMER into the VA system to help heal other veterans like me. Well it is happening in a big way. I have been invited to present the BEMER to several VA organizations here in Huntsville Alabama. Still Serving Veterans, The Vet Center, Redstone Arsenal AMC wellness center, FOX Army Mental Health center, Fox Military Hospital and wellness team all have given me personal invitations to present BEMER to the Disabled Veterans that they all work with. Please be in prayer for all of this as this is the first step to possibly getting the BEMER in to the VA in general. One small step at a time.
I hope and pray that this testimony plants seeds in each and every one that reads it and I pray that it is passed on to help as many people as our Lord wills.
Greg Long Sgt USAF Veteran


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